Tuesday, 7 August 2012

For the Exam students

"Yeah I got flaws,
I know I'm not perfect
But all the ups and downs will soon be WORTH IT"

Exam results are here ! (or almost here). Nevertheless this is a tense time for most, myself included. Some will emerge victorious, and some won't (in this instance) . Whichever category you fall in at the present time,

Without further ado, here's a couple tips adapted from Joyce Meyer

1) Hard situations are inevitable.We have to get over our fears of going through tough times. My fellow readers, there's no need to get upset over something we have to do anyway. We already wrote the exams and the papers are already marked. Put on your poker face and go get your results!

2) We have to get over our fear of imperfection and failure (major ones for me).
- God has already planned how our results (no matter how "bad") would lead to our overall
 success (in life not Cape or any other exam)... before we even started the courses. He may not always give us what we WANT but He will always give us what we NEED and what is BEST for us: most importantly WHEN it's the right time (we all know timing is everything).

For the fellow Cape students:

So if we don't get all 1's and 2's in Cape or even a national's not the end of the's actually the start of our journey to achieving all the great gifts that God has already planned for us to receive.

Even though life may not be going how we would like it go everything we face and endure WILL work out better for us, whether you believe so or not.
(what doesn't kill you will make you stronger... )

Disappointment is part of life, the true test of character is how you deal with it. Accept the realities, shake it off, and progress in life just by "putting your best foot forward in every step".
I hope I helped you out somehow. Until next time 


Friday, 20 July 2012

B-Boy and Tricking Classes

Check out Young10 and Marz in Nebula868's video! 

Wanna move like these guys? This is your BIG opportunity, 

don't miss it.

  • Learn flips, tricks, stunts, basics to parkour and more 
  • FRIDAYS 4-5 pm 
  • Eastern Regional Indoor Sports Arena (same compound as the National Hockey Centre...behind Eddie Hart grounds. Tacarigua, Trinidad.) 
  • Full gym equipment mats etc. 
  • $40 per session 
  • Contact : (868) 355-6173 *MARS* for more info. 

BBOY YOUNG10 bboy powermove class also on right after Marz's class. Same venue!

  • FRIDAYS 5-6pm 
  • Eastern Regional Indoor Sports Arena 
  • Full gym equipment mats etc. 
  • $40 per session 
  • Contact number: (868) 357-5124 

With a little practice you can be as skilled as they are!
 Ladies are welcomed :)